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iCan Bike Camp: 

Learning to ride a bike is truly a milestone in a child’s life, one that adds joy and increases self-confidence.

For some children, this achievement is made more difficult, if not impossible, because of a disability. Children with special needs have the desire to learn to ride, but many need specialized help.

Our iCan Bike Camp is a national program that utilizes highly trained coaches and technicians, uniquely adaptive equipment, a proven methodology and many volunteers to assist each child as they learn to ride a traditional bike. 

If you are interested in being a volunteer spotter for our 2024 iCan Bike Camp please click on the volunteers button below.

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Program Goals

The ultimate goal of the iCan Bike program is to teach children, who otherwise would not have learned, how to ride a bike; however, the benefits are so much more. In addition to significant motor/neurological development, there are other benefits that stem from the ability to ride:

  • Enables peer inclusion opportunities

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Enhances quality of family lifestyle

  • Increases activity and mobility

  • Heightens cognitive stimulation

  • Supports better physical fitness

Participant Requirements 

Most children who attend the camp have an Autism Spectrum Disorder; however, we also welcome children with other developmental and/or neurological disorders who meet our basic criteria. Given the specialized equipment, the maximum number of children we can accommodate is 8 per session (40 total). Each year the camp achieves maximum capacity and maintains a substantial waiting list. 

    Rider must meet all of below criteria:

  • Minimum of 8 years of age

  • Able to sidestep to both sides

  • Have a disability

  • Able to walk without assistive device

  • Maximum weight 220 lbs.

  • Willing and able to wear a properly fitted bike helmet

  • Minimum inseam of 20” (measure from floor while rider is wearing sneakers)                                                                                              

About the Volunteers

Each camp requires 80 to 100 volunteers as each child needs at least 2 volunteers at their side at all times in order to master the skill. These volunteers come from our partnerships with local businesses, high schools and universities, churches and synagogues, and civic organizations. Involving our community with these children and families often benefits the volunteer as much as the child. Many times, bonds are formed that last well beyond the camp week. The participation and support of businesses, schools, and community volunteers play an important role in the program’s success.

Parent Testimonials 

​"This was our last hope. Sarah learned how to ride a bike at this camp and her life is forever changed. She has more confidence and will be able to ‘fit in’ more. This is a skill that no one can take away from her… this camp has totally changed our lives!"

"Ryan’s overwhelming fears of actually riding kept him from learning to ride a bike. ‘Lose the Training Wheels’ was a perfect fit for him. The adaptive bikes gave him the security he needed to push through his fears not to mention the encouragement and praise he received from the LTTW staff and volunteers. It’s wonderful to see the look of pride in his eyes that he was able to learn a new skill. It truly has changed our lives as now we can go riding as a family unit without having to leave Ryan with a sitter. He now has new found freedom and independence that he desperately needs!"

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