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Autism is a life long disorder and although treatable is not curable.

Smiling Autistic Children at Autism Charlotte camp
Families dealing with autism are often challenged physically, emotionally, and financially. 

While we hear a lot about the rising statistics of autism in the media, what is painfully overlooked and underfunded are solutions for the daily struggles faced by those affected and their families. We at AC are local and our focus is on the daily struggles and helping families help their children.  Over 85% of funds received by Autism Charlotte go directly to our programs.

Make a secure online donation with our Donation Form.

Autism Charlotte is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. To make your tax-deductible contribution you can:

Mail your check to:

Autism Charlotte

PO Box 12671
Charlotte, NC 28220


Your gift can bring critical resources to our community today and provide the assistance that many children will otherwise never receive. Some of the programs your contribution will fund are:
  • Extended Learning & Development Program (formerly Inclusion Afterschool)

  • iCan Bike Camp

  • University Autism Outreach Program 

  • PATHS (Preparing Adolescents to Transition from High School)

  • PATHfinders

  • Compass

  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs


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