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Program Scholarships

The financial burden of caring for a child with autism can be a nearly insurmountable challenge for families with limited income and financial resources. Thousands of families in our community caring for a child with an autism-related disorder live below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet to cover basic life necessities. For the vast majority of these families, much needed services and supports for their child is out of reach.

Autism Charlotte is committed to all families dealing with autism and to ensuring that our programs are as affordable and accessible as feasible regardless of economic situations. It is our goal to provide the enriching benefits of our programs to as many children in need as we can. Through reduced fees and need-based scholarships, Autism Charlotte makes it possible for children and families with limited income to participate in our programs.

Did you know?

More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined – 60 each month in North Carolina and 700 per year!

Contact Information

For more information on financial assistance for our programs, please contact us at:​


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